Our Story

Out the Green Box is a renewable energy company established in 2014 that is focused on the design and installations of renewable solutions for domestic and commercial applications. The company was created by Eya Bantu Professional Services who have been involved in electrical designing and commissioning for Eskom, municipalities and of late renewable utility sized solar and wind farms.

Eya Bantu has been instrumental in the commissioning of many of the Department of Energy’s South African Independent Power Producer’s plants (wind farms and solar farms). This led the owners of Eya Bantu to realize the need for a new entity that focuses solely on renewable energy products.

Out the Green Box works with landowners, project developers, technology providers, regulators and investors to source and develop renewable energy projects in South Africa and the rest of Sub-Saharan  Africa.

Out the Green Box is committed to ensuring a greener future by:

  • Promoting clean, safe, secure and economically viable renewable energy developments.
  • Decreasing humanity’s dependence on fossil fuels and thus reducing the negative effects of climate change and greenhouse gasses.
  • Bringing social, environmental and economic benefits to local communities.
  • Creating job opportunities and skill development.
  • Striving to stay at the cutting edge of the latest and most advanced technology available on the planet.
  • Continuing to think ‘out of the box’ and being minded enough to embrace the continuous evolutions within the renewable energy industry.
  • Delivering an outstanding level of service to our clients and ensuring that they  benefit from the profitable development of renewable energy projects.